Merrylands High School
8SC1 is currently learning about the role of sharks in the ecosystem. We explored why sharks are such good hunters and looked at their adaptations (features that allow living things to better survive in their environments).

During our exploration of adaptations, we also looked at the adaptations of other living things. We explored the question, "Why do penguins huddle". Do they huddle because it keeps them warmer from the harsh, cold climate?

To answer this question, we performed an experiment. We used test tubes with hot water as penguins. We wrapped 5 test tubes together with a rubber band and left one test tube alone by itself. These represented penguins huddling and a penguin alone respectively. We then used a thermometer to measure the temperature decrease of the water in the test tubes over a ten minute period.

We found that the water in the test tubes grouped together decreased much less than the water in the test tube by itself. This showed that penguins huddling together is an adaptation for living in a cold environment.

We also discussed the benefits and limitations of our experiment as a model for real penguin behaviours.


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